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Louis Tomlinson's 'Miss You' Sounds Like It's Ready For Warped Tour

He finally got to make a rock song

Over the summer, MTV News sat down with Louis Tomlinson to talk about his plans for his upcoming solo album, which is still yet to be officially announced. He talked about his musical inspirations and specifically shouted out Oasis and Arctic Monkeys as artists he idolized growing up.

"If you look at a pop song fundamentally, lyrically it's very different to the conversational style that Arctic Monkeys or Oasis might use, and that's exciting to me," Tomlinson said.

His early singles, "Back to You" and "Just Like You," followed this lyrical model to a certain degree — the latter in particular captured the burnout of being "the guy from the one band" — but didn't sound anything like rock songs. "Miss You," which dropped Friday (December 1) is the first Tomlinson single to make good on the mention of guitar music.

Over muted power chords on "Miss You", he continues the talk of pubs and pints he evoked on his last single, setting a scene of "glazed-over eyes" and "dancing on tables" before he realizes he misses someone. Maybe.

There's a sense of abandon throughout the song, too, especially in the bridge: "Oh how, shit changes / We were in love, now we're strangers / When I feel it coming up I just throw it all away / Get another two shots 'cause it doesn't matter anyway."

The guitar, the sweeping strings, and the vowel-laden chants all recall the big British rock acts Tomlinson mentioned as inspiration. It's also got echoes of pop-punk that would totally fit in at Warped Tour, so maybe Tomlinson can hit the stage before it's gone forever after 2018.