Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester/Getty Images for One Love Manchester

Ariana Grande And Mac Miller's Halloween Costumes Are So Hot Right Now

Their 'Zoolander' recreations do not disappoint

You know what's crazy about being a Mac Miller fan this whole time? Going all the way back to "Donald Trump," I knew the dude had good taste — that song samples Sufjan Stevens after all — but I had no idea that he also invented the piano-key necktie!

That's what his outstanding Halloween couples costume with girlfriend Ariana Grande would have me believe anyway. The pair went as Mugatu and Katinka, the main baddies from Zoolander, as Grande revealed on Instagram.

It takes serious skill to pull off high-fashion costumes from a 16-year-old film (albeit a cult classic), but I think the pair nailed it. These new looks are also much different from last year's Halloween plans, which included a secluded, secret makeout in an abandoned pool.

Two exquisite, important details to note here: Miller's stuffed pooch, a key component of any Mugatu cosplay, and Grande's flawless lip touch-up technique.

Halloween 2017 must've been the occasion for pop stars to pull off brilliant costume recreations of beloved, darkly comic cult classics.