Lady Gaga Gives Johnny Depp Some Competition With Her Edward Scissorhands Costume

Right on down to the vacant, pasty expression!

Lady Gaga has both a sense of humor and a costume closet to be applauded, and she brandished both on Halloween.

First, an old photo of the singer stepping out as a ghost — the good ol' sheet-with-holes-cut-in-it jam — had one of her fans cheekily calling out her, um, straightforward approach to the holiday. Given her tendency to go all-out on her regular outfits, it's easy to see why one would assume that her Halloween garb would be elaborate and intense. Gaga's response to the throwback pic was perfect.

Even more perfect, though? Her costume for this year's Halloween, which was more or less the mirror image of Johnny Depp's scary-looking, titular sweetie from Edward Scissorhands.

The hair, the full body suit, the blades for fingers, the vacant expression and pasty pallor — she nailed every single detail and truly gave Depp a run for his money, as she's basically the twin of his younger self circa 1990.

We give Gaga's effort a 10. (We also give Gaga's old sheet ghost a 10, because damn straight it's a classic.)