Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Even On A Break, One Direction's Tweets To Each Other Are Still Fantastic

Just a collection of really good tweets. That's all.

It might be hard to believe, but as of this writing, we've now lived through nearly two full calendar years since One Direction's final performance as a group. Their hiatus began in early 2016, and the months since have seen every member release solo music — a sign that their individual careers seem to be their priorities now. And that's OK!

It's OK for a few reasons, and the first one is obvious: We still have lots of music to listen to. Harry Styles's "Carolina," for example, is a fun, Beck-like song I've replayed 100 times, and Louis Tomlinson's "Just Like You" is a sign he's tapping into his Northern English musical influences. Meanwhile, Liam Payne has collaborated with Quavo and Zedd on a pair of ecstatic dance songs, and Niall Horan just landed a No. 1 debut album (something his bandmates Harry and Zayn also did before him).

The second reason why their newfound solo projects are completely fine is even simpler: When this new music comes out, the 1D dudes tend to be fans of each others' work, too, and they take to social media to make their feelings known. We may not have any new photos of the group together, and there will always be that lingering desire to see them get back onstage as one cohesive unit again. But in the meantime, we have these tweets (and, yes, the songs) to feel good about.