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18 Times Drake's Mom Gave Him More Life

It takes a Champagne Mommy to raise a Champagne Papi

As we admire and celebrate Drake’s 31 years of life, we should take some time to thank the one person who has been by the legend’s side since his birth — Drake’s actual day one, his mom, Sandra Graham.

Since the start of his career, Drake has celebrated his mother in his music. His unconditional love for her is shown in many of his lyrics and social media posts, making it clear that his relationship with his mother is not something that he takes lightly.

In songs like “Look What You’ve Done” off of his second studio album, Take Care; “You & The 6” from his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late; and others, Drake paints his mother as one of most important people — if not the most important person — in his life.

To honor the sweet Sandra Graham, we rounded up some of her son's greatest photographic tributes to her, along with lyrics that he has written for and about her. Thank you, Sandi. Without you, Drake literally wouldn’t have more life!

  1. “Dedicated to my mom and I swear my word is bond / Everything will be OK and it won’t even take that long” (from "The Calm")

  2. “I know you like to worry, it’ll be better if you don’t / Cause you know everything gon’ be alright, I promise” (from "The Calm")

  3. “Yeah, I want things to go my way / But as of late, a lot of shit been going sideways / And my mother try to run away from home / But I left something in the car and so I caught her in the driveway / And she cried to me, so I cried too / And my stomach was soaking wet, she only 5’2”" (from "Successful")

  4. “You love me and I love you / And your heart hurts, mine does too / And it’s just words and they cut deep / But it’s our world, it’s just us two” (from "Look What You've Done")

  5. “You get the operation you dreamed of / And I finally send you to Rome / I get to make good on my promise / It all worked out, girl, we shoulda known / Cause you deserve it” (from "Look What You've Done")

  6. “Look what you've done for me now / You knew that I was gonna be something / When you’re stressed out and you need something, I got you” (from "Look What You've Done")

  7. “My mother is 66 and her favorite line to hit me with is / ‘Who the fuck wants to be 70 and alone?’” (from "From Time")

  8. “She got Google Alerts, them shits go straight to her phone / She worry ‘bout me from home, you know she raised me alone” (from "You & The 6")

  9. "And she like, ‘Who are we kidding? You’re 27, you’re just being you / You’re your father’s child, man, thank God you got some me in you’” (from "You & The 6")

  10. “At least I’m always being true to what you taught me / Retired teacher but your words still got me evolving” (from "You & The 6")

  11. “‘Don’t ever take advice,’ that was great advice / You and The 6 raised me right, that shit saved my life” (from "You & The 6")

  12. “They will not tear nothing down, I built this home for you, mama / Know I don’t call enough, mama / I just been working with so little time for personal, mama” (from "You & The 6")

  13. “I was on TV makin’ 50 racks a year / After helpin’ mama out, the shit would disappear” (from "Star67")

  14. “If I ever loved ya, I’ll always love ya / That’s how I was raised” (from "Keep the Family Close")

  15. “All this for my family, man, I try my hardest” (from "Pop Style")

  16. “Mama is a saint, yes, she raised me real good / All because of her I don’t do you like I should” (from "Child's Play")

  17. “Why is my struggle different than others'? / Only child that’s takin’ care of his mother / As health worsens and bills double / That’s not respectable all of a sudden?” (from "Lose You")

  18. And the love is mutual...

    “I’m confident in you, and I know you can reach your desired destination and accomplish your goals much more quickly without this confrontation I’m hearing in your tone these days. When others go low, we go high.” (Sandra Graham, from "Can't Have Everything")