FABIO TEIXEIRA/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Justin Bieber Is Now Approximately 70% Tattooed

A rough guestimate

Justin Bieber has been steadily adding to his gallery of skin art since he got his first ink on his 16th birthday, but he just got several tattoos that take up a ton of real estate on his abdomen — and they definitely make for his biggest piece yet.

The pop star has been keeping a relatively low profile since canceling his remaining tour dates of the year back in August, and his Instagram has been dedicated almost exclusively to a handful of selfies, shots of Purpose tour merch, and occasional shoutouts to dudes like Niall Horan and Tom Holland.

But on October 21, he showcased his new tats — which include an eagle with its wings fully extended, "Purpose" in script, and the arches of a church just below his right nipple — on the photo sharing platform, giving fans a closer look at his intricate new ink.

He posted a mirror selfie as well which shows the true magnitude of the work, as his stomach is now entirely covered. (We can't even find his bellybutton on a first glance, but it's probably hanging out somewhere beneath the eagle's talons.)

Congrats to Bieber on further solidifying his status as a painted man.