Did Justin Bieber Just Parody Niall Horan On Instagram?

Watch their silly video

Justin Bieber and Niall Horan hung out Sunday (September 24), and things got weird.

Horan is currently gearing up for the release of his first solo album, Flicker, due out October 20. The cover art, revealed two weeks ago, shows off his piercing blue eyes, meticulously manscaped facial hair, and symmetrical face. Bieber was so into it, he recently dedicated an entire Instagram post to the pic.

It looks like Niall's staring directly into your soul, doesn't it? When they got together last weekend, Bieber even tried to get his own up-close-and-personal photo of Horan.

"Let me see that mug of yours!" Bieber joking pleaded to the camera-shy "Too Much To Ask" singer. He did not succeed, as you can see in the video below, archived from Bieber's Instagram story.

So Biebs decided to take matters into his own hands by posting what appears to be his OWN version of Niall's Flicker cover, because even celebrities can't resist teasing their friends on social media. Please enjoy this dimly lit selfie and stoic facial expression.

Now, can we please get a collaboration between these two? Niall's already covered Justin, so they might as well team up for their own original tune!