No Pumpkin Is Safe In This Very Weird Stranger Things 2 Teaser

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Thanks to the trailers that offer up plenty of spooky clues and glimpses of some sweet costumes, we know that Halloween plays a heavy hand in the second season of Stranger Things.

Now that we're a week out from the Stranger Things 2 premiere on October 27, a new teaser has dropped that focuses on Halloween's most iconic emblem — the pumpkin — and how they hold the key to figuring out what the hell is going down in Hawkins this time around.

At first, it looks like Will is just watching TV: Ads for different video arcades and various commercials suddenly shift to a news broadcast, in which Chief Hopper is investigating a mysterious plight on local pumpkin farmers. A virus or awful prank has swept through the pumpkin patches of Hawkins, and the vegetables are totally rotted through as a result — a super inconvenient development given that this all went down the day before Halloween.

Is the Demogorgon back and attacking decorative gourds?! Is that giant, floaty, sinister-looking creature throwing Will into a trance to blame?! Guess we'll just have to wait and see, because on October 27, Stranger Things will definitely be getting into the Halloween spirit — and the show's coming for your Jack-o-Lantern, too.