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Liam Payne's New Song Is Full Of Breakup (And Makeup) Sex

'Bedroom Floor' is wonderfully raunchy

Liam Payne's latest single, "Bedroom Floor," is somehow even more scandalous than "Strip That Down." His solo debut featuring Quavo was about grinding and dancing the night away, but "Bedroom Floor" — co-written with the talented Charlie Puth — basically covers what happens after the club closes down and everyone heads home with someone special.

"You said it was over / But your clothes say different on my bedroom floor," Payne sings repeatedly in the chorus, an ode to a couple who can't make up their mind. The second verse is more direct: "Why you always act like you don’t want me? / Don't make me bring up your dirty laundry / We always on and off until you're on me."

After all, the only thing harder than breaking up in the first place is actually staying broken up. And even though "Bedroom Floor" takes place entirely indoors, the lyric video, released Friday (October 20), will take you back to summer with plenty of tropical imagery: sunshine, palm trees, and pools galore.

Love may be an emotional roller coaster in "Bedroom Floor," but in real life, Payne is happily dating Cheryl Cole. Their son, Bear, is almost seven months old.

"We both like that song," Payne told BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw about Cole's reaction to his new single. "That's her favorite, that's been her favorite since the start, so if it turns out to be the best one then she's gonna say, haha!"