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Bring Old Taylor Back From The Dead With These Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

You're gonna need a lot of red lipstick

The old Taylor Swift may be dead, but you can revive her this Halloween. After all, October 31 is the one night a year when ghosts from the past can come out to play. Whether you're playing tricks or hunting for treats, there's a Taylor for every autumnal activity.

Plus, now is the perfect time to give Old Taylor — from her Fearless to 1989 eras — one last hurrah, as Reputation drops November 10. Who knows what tricks Tay has up her sleeve for her sixth album? While you're waiting for more new music, try out these costumes. They require minimal effort, which is great news for all you procrastinators out there.

  • "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Taylor
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    Pop into your nearest Forever 21 or H&M, where there's surely a polka dot t-shirt on sale. Swipe on some red lipstick, pull your hair up into a ponytail, and you're good to go! One caveat: You're not allowed to text your ex while wearing this costume, because you're "never ever getting back together."

  • "Shake It Off" Taylor
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    Call up all your friends until you find someone who was a cheerleader in high school. Borrow their old uniform, apply lipstick, and shake those pom-poms as if your life depended on it.

  • Red Tour Ringmaster Taylor

    If you can't find a cheerleading uniform, perhaps someone has an old marching band costume stashed in the back of their closet. Sew — or glue, if sewing's too much work — a bazillion red sequins on.

  • 2009 VMA Taylor

    Speaking of sequins, put on your sparkliest dress and carry around a Buzz Lightyear action figure — a suitable substitute for a VMA statue. When you're ready to leave whatever Halloween party you're attending, loudly announce that you'd like to be excluded from this narrative.

  • "Bad Blood" Taylor
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    Wear as much leather as possible, and recruit your best friends to do the same. Introduce yourself as Catastrophe, Arsyn, Dilemma, Slay-Z, or any of the fierce characters in the star-studded "Bad Blood" video.

  • "22" Taylor
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    In the "22" music video, Taylor famously wears a shimmery shirt emblazoned with "not a lot going on at the moment." The top, originally designed by Ashish Gupta, would set you back a cool $895, but you could make a knock-off version for Halloween. Just write the same phrase in block letters on a white t-shirt you already own.

  • "Out Of The Woods" Taylor
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    Throw on your best dress, drench your hair, and roll around in the mud. In other words, basically act like a dog.

  • "Blank Space" Taylor
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    You have two options here. Pile on eyeliner and mascara, then either (1) watch Titanic and cry hysterically or (2) go to sleep for the night. After your tears dry — or you wake up in the morning — there will be makeup running down your cheeks, but resist the urge to wash your face. Instead, add a "red lip, classic" and a cheetah-print top.

  • "Teardrops On My Guitar" Taylor
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    Cut teardrops out of blue construction paper, then tape them onto an acoustic guitar. You'll have to carry around that guitar all night, which will come in handy if someone suddenly decides they need to serenade the room with "Wonderwall."

  • "The Story Of Us" Taylor
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    Once upon 2002, you borrowed your dad's tie to dress up like Avril Lavigne. Now you'll use that same tie to channel Swift as a schoolgirl. Carry around some books, so people know you frequent the library. Bonus: If the party gets boring, you can read a book instead of pretending to text someone on your phone.

  • "You Belong With Me" Taylor
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    This might be the comfiest Taylor costume yet. Slip into plaid pajama pants and a t-shirt scrawled with the names of all your best friends. It's kind of like Myspace's Top 8 list, except you're broadcasting your BFFs on 100 percent cotton instead of the internet.