Nick Jonas Totally Revamped The Jonas Brothers' 'Lovebug' For 2017

Do it for the 'gram

Someone call a doctor, because Nick Jonas has come down with a "Lovebug" again. The Jonas Brothers originally released the swoon-worthy song back in 2008, but Nick has given it a much-needed makeover in a new video for Vevo.

The clip, released Monday (October 16), is basically a musical advice column in which fans asked Jonas their pressing questions and he answered through song. One of those tunes happened to be "Lovebug."

"I'm going to take this back a little bit here," Jonas said, responding to a fan who wanted his girlfriend to make things Instagram official. As such, Jonas put a social media twist on the "Lovebug" chorus: "So would you post a picture of us on the coastline / Maybe we could go a long time if you post the 'gram / Just one photo of you and I all cuddled up looking like a couple pups / Yeah, do it for the 'gram."

Enjoy this blast from the past, because Nick is spending the rest of 2017 churning out new music. He recently told MTV News he has a "full body of work" ready to go, but an album release date hasn't been decided because he's "riding the wave at the moment." He wrote some songs for the animated movie Ferdinand, out December 15, and stars alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, in theaters December 20.

"I just try to stay as creative as possible," Jonas told correspondent Gaby Wilson, "and just write a bunch of different things and then decide afterwards kind of where they would all end up. But there will be a lot of new music, including some new Christmas music even, coming towards the end of this year."