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Justin Bieber Stands Up For Black Lives Matter In Powerful New Post

He's using his platform to 'shine light on racism'

As far as celebrity Instagram accounts go, Justin Bieber’s is one of the most erratic — you never know what silly selfies or random memes will show up there. On Friday (September 22), though, the “Friends” singer used his massive platform for an important cause, shedding light on racism in the U.S.

Accompanied by a bold yellow and black graphic with the phrase “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on it, Bieber announced to his 91 million followers, “I am a white Canadian and I will never know what it feels like to be an African American but what I do know is I am willing to stand up and use my voice to shine light on racism.”

The 23-year-old continued, “It's a real thing and it's more prevalent now than I have ever seen in my lifetime... We are all God['s] children and we are ALL EQUAL.”

It’s not clear what specifically prompted Bieber’s Black Lives Matter post, but his message about speaking up for equality is always a welcome and essential one. Bieber’s Instagram bio reads, “Help change the world,” and it’s posts like this that prove he’s doing exactly that.