How Is Teen Mom 2's Nova Adjusting To Her Baby Sister Stella?

Briana opened up to MTV News about the bond between her girls

Six years ago, a then-16 and pregnant Briana welcomed daughter Nova and became a teen parent. And during this week's Teen Mom 2 episode, the Floridian gave birth once again with loved ones (including mother Roxanne, sister Brittany, Nova and baby daddy Luis) by her side.

"Hi, beautiful girl," Briana, who has chronicled her journey toward this moment all season long, told her offspring shortly after meeting the healthy newborn.

While there was no denying Nova's excitement in the delivery room (her big grin and saying she felt "good" said it all), how would the mother of two describe her eldest's bond with her baby sibling?

"She is so in love with Stella," Bri recently told MTV News. "All she wants to do is help change diapers, make bottles, and she asks all these questions about her little sister. She’s adjusting to it very well." What a kid!

But like with any child, there are times when Nova has difficulty with the new family dynamic.

"She has her moments where some of my attention is completely on Stella and she gets a little frustrated, but she understands that Stella is a baby and that she needs a little bit more of my attention," Briana added.

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