Is There Any Stopping Challenge Vets Cara Maria And Camila?

The ‘Champs vs. Pros’ winner and finalist seem to have a stronghold over the game.

If Cara Maria and Camila get their way, The Challenge XXX finale will be a little bit of history repeating itself.

On tonight’s episode, the two veterans — who finished in first place and third place, respectively, on Champs vs. Pros — proved they weren’t at all exhausted from competing on back-to-back shows, and continued to run the game. Already, they’d won a combined five games (not bad, considering there had only been four) and almost completely avoided the Double Cross (Camila had only one a brush with The Presidio on the night Jemmye infamously pit Jenna against Kailah). And they showed no signs of tiring heading into “Ups and Downs.”

The latest Challenge game, which split the remaining players into teams of four, tasked each crew with arranging each Challenge season chronologically, from Challenge 2000 to The Duel all the way up to the current game. And while Cara and Camila admitted they didn’t have much knowledge of what came before Fresh Meat 2 (CT, who’d been appearing on the show since Inferno, found himself struggling to remember much at all), the team pulled through, and came out in first place. For Cara and Camila, it was familiar territory.

Still, when it came time for nominations, the ladies began to rub some other players the wrong way. Both agreed it was time to send Aneesa — who’d busted her ankle during the day’s mission — into The Presidio, and it didn’t sit well with the whole house, who saw it as a cop out.

“No one talks to me before eliminations, so I think it’s kind of a pussy move,” Aneesa said. “I thought we were all adults. We obviously aren’t. Camila and Cara have like this false sense of entitlement. Like people owe them something.”

“Aneesa didn’t expect Cara and Camila to vote for her, and kind of kick her while she was down,” Veronica echoed.

Ultimately, Kailah took Aneesa out in The Presidio — “Deadweight,” a race up a latter featuring ankle weights, didn’t really favor the Real World: Chicago export. So is Aneesa’s elimination further proof that there’s no stopping Cara and Camila, or will some of the other ladies be able to rise up and stop them?

What do you think — do Cara Maria and Camila have the game wrapped up on the ladies’ side, and have they already secured their tickets to the finals? Or, will their control end eventually, and is there a shifting tide in the works? Share your thoughts, and see how these two progress next Tuesday at 10/9c!