Teen Mom 2 Adjustments: How Are Jenelle And Barbara Dealing With Their New Custody Agreement?

After a courtroom showdown, the mother-daughter duo is officially sharing Jace

After Jenelle and Barbara's legally binding custody agreement was set in stone during last week's Teen Mom 2 installment, the mother of three said she would "never forgive" her parent. So how has the duo fared with the adjustment around Jace's schedule since their day in court?

During tonight's brand-new episode, Jenelle met Jace and Barbara for a hand-off -- and the interaction was brief (Babs told Jace to "have fun"). But the second exchange between the Evans family didn't go smoothly. The point of contention: The official start of Jace's summer vacation with Jenelle.

"This coming weekend, I get him, and then he's out of school Friday, so then you get him on the Monday for two weeks," Barbara stated.

But Jenelle insisted that she was supposed to have Jace the day he finished his studies -- and that was on the Friday (not the Monday like her mother suggested). Jenelle even texted her lawyer and confirmed that Jenelle had the right to have Jace "the day his vacation starts."

This didn't sit well with Barbara, who then revealed that she had plans to take Jace out of town.

"I mean, sorry," Jenelle stated. "That's the rules, that's the agreement."

Hiccups are to be expected when navigating a new schedule -- but will the two be able to settle this dispute peacefully? Or will the trouble with their communication continue? Keep watching Teen Mom 2 on Mondays at 9/8c.