Teen Mom 2 Anger: Will Jenelle Ever Forgive Barbara Following Their Custody Settlement?

The mother of three expressed her deep resentment during tonight's episode

Case closed.

Jenelle and Barbara's custody battle regarding Jace was finally resolved during tonight's brand-new Teen Mom 2. The outcome: The seven-year-old's grandmother will remain his primary custodian -- while his mother will be granted time every other weekend, split holidays, plus all access to his medical/school records.

"I had nothing in place, so now visitation is in place," Jenelle told her fiancé David and a group of their friends (right after exiting court). "When I say I will be getting Jace, I will be getting Jace."

Even though a settlement was reached, Jenelle could not mask her unrelenting anger toward her parent.

"I'm not forgiving my mom for this, and I will never forgive her for this," Jenelle insisted, shortly after stating she would not extend a wedding invitation. "I will not consider her as my mom anymore, and I will consider her as Barbara now. She has completely ruined our f**king relationship."

But what do you think? Will Jenelle be able to reconcile with Barbara -- or do you believe she will stand by her strong words? Write your theories in the comments, and be sure to keep tuning in to Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c (and don't miss a special brand-new episode this Wednesday at 9/8c).