Catfish Poll: Would You Ever Marry Someone Like Wayne?

He was more than ready to make a family with Robin -- but had a shocking 'stipulation'

A woman chose love over money on tonight's Catfish, but would you have been able to make the same decision and pass up a life of luxury?

Thirty-one-year-old Minnesota resident Robin contacted Nev and Max because her online beau of three years -- Wayne from Atlanta -- exhibited "odd behavior": Not only did he refuse to videochat with Robin, but he began calling her from a private number. Throughout their entire relationship, in fact, Robin never had Wayne's digits. He also once asked to borrow $300 to buy a new cell phone -- then had her send the money to one of his "friends." And that photo he sent of himself, showing a drop-dead gorgeous guy? It was the only photo he'd ever sent.

So Wayne was obviously a fake, right? Well, yeah -- but there was an interesting twist.

When Nev, Max and Robin finally tracked him down at his home in Atlanta, they pulled up to a semi-mansion with a Maserati in the driveway. Wayne wasn't some broke-ass guy who couldn't afford a new cell phone -- apparently, he was filthy rich. And that, he explained, is why he concealed his true identity.

"People see the houses, they see the cars, they see the materialistic things, and people [are] fake with you," Wayne told the trio. "But dealing with Robin was something that was solid. She didn't see all the materialistic stuff. She liked me for me."

In fact, he said, he had asked Robin for the $300 as a "test." And apparently, she passed with flying colors, as Wayne seemed head-over-heels for her.

"I love her," he gushed. "I gave her a part of me. She got the most valuable part -- she got my heart. No one else has that."

Too bad Prince Charming turned out to be a toad: Wayne then explained that he always called from a private number because, for the first year of his relationship with Robin, he was married. Plus, he said, he stayed on the DL because "I've always had a whole lot of girlfriends" and "in-house girls that I could have sex with."

But the best was yet to come: After asking Robin to start fresh -- and getting her to agree to do so -- Wayne said there would be "stipulations." The first: Robin could move in with him and enjoy a life of luxury -- Maseratis included -- but she wouldn't be his one and only and, in fact, they'd share a bed with another woman.

"I ain't never just been solid-committed to one girl. I like to have more than one girlfriend at a time," Wayne told her. "We can be one happy family living, living in the same household, living in the same home -- me and you. And somebody else."

Robin's incredibly restrained response: "That is not my cup of tea."

And with that, she hugged her catfish goodbye; two months later during a catchup, she maintained that the two had no romantic future. But what would you have done? Could you ever be enticed into a relationship by the promise of luxuries and leisure? (No judgments -- we ain't saying you're a gold digger.) Or would you never stand for Wayne's "stipulations" and insist on monogamy? Take our poll, then tell us how you roll -- and catch another Catfish Wednesday at 10/9c.