Max Has A Sneaking Suspicion About This Catfish

In a preview of this week's episode, the silver fox explains his LOL theory

A woman named Robin is head-over-heels on the next Catfish -- but also wary of her online beau's "odd" behavior.

"From the beginning, Wayne was unlike anyone I have ever known," she tells Nev and Max in the sneak peek, below. "He was sexy and flirtatious, caring and funny, and he always knew what to tell me when I was having an off day. Weeks turned into months, and I fell in love with him."

Before long, however, Robin began to "second guess" some of Wayne's actions: For one, he would agree to videochat, but when the time came to get in front of a camera, he'd be a no-show.

So what does Max think of the situation? Gathering a few clues, he comes up with a side-splitting theory. To hear his thoughts, watch the clip -- then see Robin's entire story unfold on Catfish Wednesday at 10/9c.