Camila Nakagawa

How Camila Nakagawa Is Using Her Challenge Experience To Inspire Others

The Season 30 veteran is opening up to MTV News about her special project

Camila's alter ego the Camilanator sometimes emerges in the heat of a Challenge battle -- during a competition or with her fellow cast members. But now, the Season 30 veteran (who you can watch every Tuesday) is using her infamous nickname as a way to help others.

"The Challenge is such a big part of my life and it has helped me overcome so many things, whether people realize it or not," the Brazilian recently told MTV News. "I've always been into fitness, and getting back into it after my dad passed was such a big factor into getting me back to who I was and reminding me of why I exist."

With that, the Battle of the Exes victor created The Camilanator Challenge -- a 30-day fitness challenge to inspire others through healthy habits. And there are cash prizes -- just like the long-running game series.

"If fitness helped me get out of depression, it can certainly help a lot of other people out there," Camila explains. "It's not about getting skinnier, it's not about getting a six-pack. It's about challenging your inner Camilanator and going after something that you've never done before or going after your goals and getting it done. I give people the tools and do it along with them every single day."

To learn more about Camila's personal Challenge, visit her website and see the success stories by searching #camilanatorchallenge on Twitter and Instagram. And be sure to watch the always-entertaining athlete on The Challenge XXX every Tuesday at 9/8c!