Raymond Hall/GC Images

Gigi Hadid Was An IRL Barbie On The Streets Of New York

All pink everything

Gigi Hadid, Queen of Wearing Pants in The Summertime, stepped out yesterday in an outfit that is the probably the best example of "pretty in pink" that we have, aside from the 1986 romantic comedy, of course.

Raymond Hall/GC Images

We're talking pink jacket, pink bell-bottoms, pink shoes. And her jacket even had ... pink hair extensions?

Raymond Hall/GC Images

She later completed the look with a pair of rose-colored sunglasses from her new Vogue Eyewear collaboration.

Tal Rubin/GC Images

I don't know much about Gigi's acting chops, but I feel confident she could be cast in a live-action movie about Barbie starting a rock band based on these photos alone.