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Miley Cyrus’s Private Notebook Looks A Lot Like Your Planner

Her to-do list is overwhelmingly average

Miley Cyrus's doodles aren't that different from yours. In a new video interview with Billboard, the "Malibu" singer breaks down her comeback song and gives you a sneak peek at the notebook in her private recording studio.

"I'm scared what we're going to find in here," she says, but she had literally nothing to fear. Turns out, she had jotted down a rather mundane to-do list instead of songwriting.

"Make Noah [Cyrus, her sister] a jacket, complete by birthday, go on a walk, check my speakers, turn the sprinklers off," she read out loud, showing the camera all her doodles, including designs that became the logo for her Happy Hippie Foundation.

"This I've just always done, where I doodle my name, like sign my autograph," she said, revealing a page of scribbled autographs that would probably be worth a lot on eBay. Now the big question is, does she ever write her first name with Liam Hemsworth's last name?