Hugh Jackman Gets Scolded By Logan’s Dafne Keen After Winning Best Duo

He forgot his manners

When Hugh Jackman forgot two very important people in his Best Duo acceptance speech, his young Logan costar Dafne Keen didn't shy away from calling him out on live TV. But first, she scolded him for hogging the mic at the MTV Movie & TV Awards Sunday night (May 7) in Los Angeles.

"Thank you, thank you. Listen, on behalf of —" Jackman began, accepting the Golden Popcorn award that Get Out, Atlanta, and Beauty and the Beast stars (among others) were also up for.

"Hey, hey," Keen interrupted. "You do 17 years [as Wolverine], I don't speak for half of the movie, and you get to say the thank yous? OK, no." You go, girl!

Kevin Winter/Getty

"Tonight I want to thank MTV and mom," Keen continued. "Happy Mother's Day in Spain."

D'aww! To make things even more precious, she scolded Jackman for not including his parents on his thank-you list. "You didn't write your parents here. He thanks mom and dad," she politely announced to the crowd. They wrapped things up by shouting out their Logan squad and ending their speech with a proper growl. Done and done.