C Flanigan/WireImage for Kaaboo Del Mar via imageSPACE

Fall Out Boy Are Mysteriously Surfing Towards Something New

Is it a song? Is it a video? Is it a shark? We shall see!

Fall Out Boy are up to something, and whatever it is, it looks like it's set to crash into our world on April 27.

The band posted a mesmerizing gif of a purple wave crashing on April 22, and... that's about it. We got a crystal ball emoji and an extra wave for good measure, but otherwise, the only info we're running with at this time is a date and a promise that we'll be hearing from the Chicago rockers real soon.

As it's been a minute since the last FOB album — American Beauty/American Psycho dropped back in 2015 — this is excellent news for fans who haven't been able to get “Centuries” out of their heads since.

Considering how diving headfirst into new music and embracing an aquatic feel for a forthcoming release — or, say, an album cover — seems to be on trend, maybe Fall Out Boy are the next act to move in a wet direction for their next single, or album, or video, or whatever they hell they'll give us on April 27.