Watch Gorillaz Break Into The Real World With Their First Live Interview

How was this even possible?!?

In what’s quite possibly the strangest part of Gorillaz’s new album rollout — one that has so far included a mixed reality app, a 360-degree music video, and immersive “spirit houses” — the band has given its first on-camera interview.

That’s strange because, well, all of the band members are animated characters. And yet, two-fourths of the group, 2-D and Murdoc, sat across from BBC Radio 1’s Mistajam (a real human man) for a 30-minute chat that’s entirely entertaining and inherently perplexing.

The interview was streamed live today (April 20) from London, and featured 2-D and Murdoc discussing Humanz, Gorillaz’s first new album in seven years, which arrives April 28. They’re instantly endearing, answering fan questions and arguing about whether Murdoc “adopted” or “kidnapped” 2-D into the band. They also chat about flirting with Grace Jones, the “fear” they felt about getting back into the studio, and even Donald Trump, which got quite the hilariously spastic reaction from Murdoc.

All in all, I have no idea how this live interview was even possible, but it’s awesome nonetheless.