Is Zedd Dead? Alessia Cara Panics In The ‘Stay’ Music Video

Someone call 911

Things get dramatic in Zedd's new music video for "Stay," his recent collab with Alessia Cara. On Tuesday (April 18), the duo released visuals that match up with the song's message — a nostalgic longing for a relationship that appears to have run its course. It's hard to pinpoint the exactly chronology of their story, as the video fast-forwards and rewinds every couple of seconds. Clearly this must be a metaphor for bad timing.

One image stands out among the rest: Alessia looking forlorn in an elevator, watching Zedd run toward her just as the doors close. Over and over again, she refuses to hold the door for him. Rude.

But the video's biggest shock comes in the last 30 seconds, when — spoiler! — Zedd is suddenly hit by a car. The cops arrive as Alessia breaks down. It's a solemn reminder that life has a finite number of moments, so make them count.