Intense Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Sneak Peek Ends With A Literal Bang

Um, did Daya just pull the trigger?!

The first teaser from Orange Is the New Black Season 5 is here, and it picks up right where the shocking fourth season ended: amid an intense standoff between the Litchfield inmates and the incompetent new COs.

In the minute-long clip, Daya (Dascha Polanco) is pointing the gun belonging to bumbling CO Humphrey back at him — the same provocative image from the Season 4 finale — and the riotous crowd surrounding her is egging her on to shoot him. They want him to pay for what he did to Poussey, but Daya just wants everyone around her to shut up. Meanwhile, Piper (Taylor Schilling) and Alex (Laura Prepon) make a pact to lay low and stay out of trouble, which will undoubtedly be hard considering they're in the middle of a prison riot.

The sneak peek ends with a bang, suggesting that Daya does, in fact, pull the trigger — but did she shoot the CO, or did she fire off a bullet at the ceiling to clear her head and quiet the crowd?

The fallout from the finale's gripping prison riot will be the main focus of Season 5, which will take place over the course of three days in the prison. But so many questions still remain. Does Daya shoot Humphrey? Will the ladies of Litchfield rise up against their oppressors? Does Caputo ever grow a pair?

Orange Is the New Black hits Netflix on June 9.