See Migos Stunt Alongside Horses And Roosters In New Video For ‘Get Right Witcha’

The trio get rustic and conquer the great outdoors

Migos continue their grind with yet another new video from this year’s Culture. After going full rockstar for “What the Price,” the Atlanta trio take to the great outdoors for their “Get Right Witcha” visual.

“You can do better / Never settle” is the theme of the track, and Migos illustrate that concept by showing off all the fruits of their labor: cars with suicide doors, high-price jewelry (including a diamond-covered Yoda chain), and stacks upon stacks of cash. The King Content–directed vid also shows the group posing for a photo shoot and chilling in a neon-lit club... and then mounting horses and posing with roosters. These dudes clearly can’t be boxed in.