Halsey’s New Hair Gives Us Badlands Flashbacks

It’s not blue, but we’re into this neon throwback

Halsey's gone back to her — well, OK, so they're not her roots, clearly, but she's going back to a look that makes her hair pop. And it pops like bubblegum, to be precise.

The singer shared a new snapshot posing with her wide-eyed pup, featuring her new, vibrant dye job, which has her rocking flamingo pink — a shade she's played with before, one that's just as bright as the blue she embraced when Badlands first dropped, and one that's close to the rose hue on the album cover itself. And hey — she's definitely channeled the vibes of the cover for previous makeovers!

(She did also post a throwback pic of her aquamarine locks just before debuting her pink hair — so maybe the pink is a loving tribute to her breakthrough album in a super subtle way.)

Is the new look going to be featured on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, her next record? No clue as of yet, but seeing as that drops on June 2, we'll find out soon enough.