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Kendrick Lamar Takes Aim At Trump (And Probably Drake) In New Song ‘The Heart Part 4’

Plus, his new album seems to have a release date

Shortly after teasing new music on Instagram, Kendrick Lamar has come through with a blistering new track called "The Heart Part 4."

He's not shy about reascending to his rightful place on the throne, either. King Kendrick names himself "a hip-hop rhyme savior" just a few lines into the new song. Amid vague disses probably aimed at other rappers (there's speculation that Drake and Big Sean are in K. Dot's crosshairs), Kendrick goes on to say that he is so good at rapping he probably isn't even part of the mortal world anymore: "One, two, three, four, five / I am the greatest rapper alive / So damn great motherfucker I've died / What you hearing now is a paranormal vibe."

For good measure, Kendrick also takes a minute to call Donald Trump a "chump" and bemoan the general state of the world as it stands. Oh, and it seems there's a release date hidden in these bars, too: "Y'all got till April the 7th to get your shit together."