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This Harriet The Spy Behind-The-Scenes Pic Will Transport You To 1996

Oh, golly!

Nickelodeon's first movie turned 20 last summer, and its star, Michelle Trachtenberg, is making us feel archaic with Harriet the Spy content. On Thursday (March 23), she posted an unbelievably precious #TBT that belongs in the Smithsonian. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

An October 1995 behind-the-scenes pic from her first movie depicts a 10-year-old Trachtenberg posing with costar Gregory Smith, who played her BFF turned rival turned BFF again, Simon "Sport" Rocque. Trachtenberg explains how the shirt she's wearing was her "lucky" t-shirt from the Gap, and was what she wore during her Harriet audition — and then never wanted to take off.

Harriet the Spy had it all: a girl who got shit done, Rosie O'Donnell being the world's best nanny, and a seriously epic paint fight scene (complete with the bitch slap heard round the world). Oh, golly!