This Harriet The Spy Behind-The-Scenes Pic Will Transport You To 1996

Oh, golly!

Oh, Golly! Harriet The Spy’s Young Cast Reflect On Film’s 20th Anniversary

'Harriet the Spy' stars Michelle Trachtenberg, Vanessa Lee Chester, and Gregory Smith share memories on social media.

11 Celebrities Who Are Completely Unrecognizable In Their Halloween Costumes

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That 'Gossip Girl' Reunion After The Oscars Was Missing One Thing

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'Cop Out' Stars Tracy Morgan And Bruce Willis Are 'Discovering Each Other'

'I learned a lot,' Morgan says of working with co-star Willis.

Bruce Willis Glad To Play A Funny Cop For A Change In 'Cop Out'

'I get to talk about one of my films that's supposed to be a comedy and go, 'This is really funny,' ' he tells MTV News.

'Cop Out' Cast Say Working With Bruce Willis Is 'Awesome'

'I'm just overjoyed,' Tracy Morgan says at comedy's New York premiere.

'Wolverine' Claws Its Way To Box-Office Top

'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past' debuts in a distant second.

Beyonce's 'Obsessed' Takes Over Box Office

Zac Efron's '17 Again' holds strong at #2.

Michelle Trachtenberg Picks Who's Dreamier: Zac Efron Or Chace Crawford

'17 Again' actress chooses neither!

'17 Again' Crushes Box-Office Competition

Zac Efron flick beats out grown-up thriller 'State of Play.'

'17 Again': Love's Labored, By Kurt Loder

Zac Efron, man in need of a slightly better movie.

Zac Efron Would Not Want To Be 17 Again

'I wasn't concerned at all about being cool,' the star says about his time in high school.

Zac Efron Wants To 'Grow Up' With '17 Again' -- But Not Too Much

'I'm not involved with the next 'Trainspotting' sequel or anything like that,' actor laughs.

Is Zac Efron A Jedi Master After His '17 Again' Light-Saber Fight?

'I'm trying to be like Luke Skywalker,' heartthrob jokes.

'17 Again' Premiere Dominated By Screaming Zac Efron Fans

'Pretty much anywhere you go with Zac, it's like Beatlemania,' co-star Thomas Lennon says.

Michelle Trachtenberg Promises 'A Lot Of Trouble' On 'Gossip Girl'

'It's definitely a lot more fun to play the bad girl than it is to play the good girl,' she tells MTV News.

Zac Efron Doesn't Mind 'An Older Woman,' '17 Again' Co-Star Says

'If he were my age and I were single, he'd be in lots of trouble,' laughs 'Office' actress Melora Hardin.

Michelle Trachtenberg 'So, So Excited' To Return To 'Gossip Girl'

Actress, who plays mean girl Georgina Sparks, has been kept in dark about story line.

Zac Efron Co-Star Melora Hardin Says She'd Go After The Teen Idol If She Were 'Seventeen Again'

'Office' actress also has a role in the upcoming 'Hannah Montana' movie.

'Gossip Girl' Set Visit: Penn Badgley's Dan -- And The Rest Of Us -- Meets Michelle Trachtenberg's Scheming Georgina

'She represents everything he hates,' Badgley says of the newest arrival to the CW's hit drama.

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Stars Hold Out Hope For Big-Screen Resurrection -- Including Some Girl-On-Girl Action

'Because we already were a movie that wasn't successful, I think it makes it that much tougher for us to go out there,' Sarah Michelle Gellar says of original 'Buffy' flick.

'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' Cast, Creators Reunite To Debate Angel Vs. Spike, Buffy's Same-Sex Romance

'Buffy's getting some action?' Sarah Michelle Gellar asks of recent comic book plotline. 'Nice, good for her.'

Zac Efron Sheds Teen Image, Plays It Cool For 'Seventeen Again'

The 'High School Musical' star adopts Matthew Perry's attitude to play 40-year-old transported to his teens.