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Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Welcomes A Wonder Baby Into Her Family

There's another little princess in Themyscira

Gal Gadot has officially welcomed another daughter into her wondrous family.

The Wonder Woman star announced the birth of her baby girl on Instagram on Monday (March 20). And before you ask, no, she didn't name her daughter Diana (after her DCEU character, Princess Diana of Themyscira). She named her Maya, though Maya also sounds like the name of a fierce Amazonian princess. Queen Hippolyta would approve.

"And than we were four... She is here, Maya," the 31-year-old wonder mom captioned the intimate black-and-white snapshot of herself, husband Yaron Versano, and their daughter Alma, 6, whom the couple welcomed in 2011. In the photo, little Alma is shown pushing her new baby sister's stroller as the family leaves the hospital with Hello Kitty balloons in tow.

Just last week, the Israeli actress posted a #nofiltermoment to Instagram, reflecting on her pregnancy. "Today I had a moment with myself when I was looking out the window at the beautiful clear blue sky and realized that I'm 9 months (!!!) pregnant and soon will have a new lovepup as an addition to our family," she wrote, before adding, "Sending you guys some positive gratitude energies."

Not only does Maya get to have Wonder Woman as her mom, but she also gets to call Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and The Flash her uncles. Luckiest. Baby. Ever.