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The Makeup Artist Who Accused Kylie Jenner Of Ripping Her Off Strikes Back With Her Own Lip Kit

Ah, the sweet taste of lipstick-flavored revenge

You might recall that back in November there was trouble in Kylie Jenner's lip-kit paradise. Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty accused Kylie Jenner of copying her work, and possibly even using it as inspiration for the Kylie Cosmetics logo. The two parties seemed to have settled the matter: Kylie posted credit to Haggerty on Instagram a couple months later.

Now, Haggerty has announced she is debuting her own lip-product line with Smashbox Cosmetics.

She's taking on the very official title of "lip editor-in-chief," and creating works of original lip art using Smashbox's Be Legendary liquid lip product, which comes in metals and pigments.

Notably, the line does not include any mattes, which is making me wonder ... are matte lips OVER?

The line is sure to give the reigning lip-kit queen Kylie a run for her money. But hey! At least she's still got all of those new shiny Kylighters to sell.