Daria Is 20: Here's How You Should Celebrate This Momentous Occasion

Hint: It involves getting up close and personal (again) with the beloved Lawndale cynic

Daria Morgendorffer and her unique circle -- sister Quinn, parents Jake and Helen, BFF Jane Lane and her brother Trent, The Fashion Club, The Three J's, and misc Lawndale High faculty -- made their debut 20 years ago today on MTV. To quote the greatest cynic of our time, "Sigh."

Besides singing "la la la la la" on loop to celebrate the combat boots-loving teenage heroine and her fellow beloved quirky characters, we have the perfect way to commemorate the classic cartoon show debuting two decades ago on this network. The full animated series (yes, all the seasons) is now available on Mtv.com for your binge-viewing pleasure. It's okay if you're feeling the below sentiment today, like Daria:

Share your favorite Daria memories and episodes in the comments, and catch all of the Lawndale gang now on MTV.com and the app.