13 Reasons Why Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane Were The Definition Of 'BFFL'

We're celebrating the MTV duo's infamous solidarity!

Being a teenager can be pretty rough, especially when it comes to finding true friends. But once you find someone to call your BFF, life can be pretty snarky golden.

Just ask Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane.

For five seasons of "Daria," the town of Lawndale often became a satirical playground for the two as they got through the ups and downs of high school with their shared sense of sarcasm.

And when it came to the definition of "gal pals," the notorious MTV duo couldn't have led a more perfect an example. They stuck together in good times and bad, and weren't afraid to admit the truth to one another -- all while enjoying a slice (or two) of pizza. Now, that's a real friend.

Need more proof? Look no further:

1. Jane knew Daria inside and out.


2. And saw the best in her, no matter what.


3. They brushed off the haters with the perfect amount of wit.


4. They mimicked each other's personalities to a tee.


5. They never left one another in times of trouble.


6. Especially when things got super sketchy.


7. They acknowledged that pizza was the foundation to solving any problem.

8. They weren't afraid to speak the harsh truth.

9. Or make a fool of themselves.


10. They valued the importance of a little R&R, especially on a Saturday night.


11. When it came to boys, they trusted the other's opinion.

12. Like any true BFFs, they were willing to go the distance for one another.


13. And, most importantly, they took pride in the exact reason why they became besties.