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Lorde Sent Her Fans Into The Night To Find Snippets Of New Music

Her new single is called ‘Green Light’

Lorde is rolling out her new single just a few seconds at a time.

Days after airing a mysterious ad on TV, the New Zealand singer directed her hometown fans to three physical locations around Auckland. Videos taken from those three spots show a brief clip of new music, as well as lyrics glowing from lightboxes installed around a smoking car flashing with green light.

The new single already sounds more upbeat than most of the songs on Lorde's 2013 debut LP, Pure Heroine. This is music born to play during a road trip. Given all the car imagery, it seems that's exactly what Lorde had in mind when she was making it.

On Twitter, Lorde confirmed the song is called "Green Light" and will be out Thursday, March 2, at 2 p.m. EST.

Buckle up.

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