Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Interscope

Lana Del Rey Is Literally Cooking Up ... Something

What’s going on with these ingredients?

It looks like Lana Del Rey isn't done with spreading the “Love” just yet — and she's giving us a few clues for when we can expect to hear more.

No idea what this cake emoji's all about, but Lana's up to something: She tweeted that “ingredients” will pop up online on a few select dates, including Friday (February 24).

These “ingredients” require flipping multiple pages on the calendar, though. The other dates she gave were March 26, April 24, and May 23, meaning that this recipe may not come together for another few months — and that we could be weeks out from a new LDR record.

Still, that's a schedule to look forward to, and hey: Maybe a new single will follow up “Love” at the stroke of midnight.

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