How Would Jenelle And Barbara Describe Their Current Teen Mom 2 Relationship?

The mother-daughter duo opened up -- and shed some tears -- during tonight's reunion special

Since the inaugural Teen Mom 2 reunion, Jenelle and her mother Barbara have recounted their past season with Dr. Drew -- specifically, opening up about what has unfolded since filming wrapped. So how would the mother-daughter duo -- who endured some tough, custody-related disagreements about Jace on camera during this past installment -- describe their current bond?

"It hurts me that she wants nothing to do with me," a choked-up Barbara revealed, while a tearful Jenelle responded with, "I want my son back."

"She doesn't want nothing to do with me," Barbara continued.

But the addiction specialist interjected that he didn't believe Jenelle wants nothing to do with her parent.

"Those are threats because she's in pain," Dr. Drew firmly stated.

But Barbara didn't agree with the host's assessment and believed that David was to blame for their strained connection and that he has "total control." However, Jenelle insisted that she was solely responsible for where they stand and insisted that her beau wasn't at fault for their tension.

From there, Barbara was asked if she has a relationship with her second grandson Kaiser (she claimed she doesn't). When Dr. Drew pressed Jenelle and inquired if she wants Barbara to know her unborn daughter, she had a simple response: "I just want my son back."

"What am I supposed to do -- act like we're best friends and act like everything is okay? But then behind closed doors, we're going to court," a crying Jenelle stated.

Dr. Drew wrapped up the tough exchange with an important point.

"We've been here before, but things are better nowadays," he said, while Barbara refuted that they are better for Jenelle but not for her.

What do you think it will take for Jenelle and Barbara to repair their relationship? Share your thoughtful words in the comments.