Teen Mom 2 Deposition: Jenelle And Barbara's Custody Battle Continues

The mother-daughter duo gave sworn evidence during tonight's episode

Jenelle and Barbara's custody battle regarding Jace's care continues -- and during tonight's brand-new Teen Mom 2 episode, the mother-daughter duo performed a necessary legal act when they faced off via depositions. The goal: giving sworn evidence and taking a step forward with regards to the seven-year-old's permanent schedule.

But before we get to the Evans' take about what occurred in the non-televised legal proceeding, Jenelle opened up to her friend Jamie about what she expected would unfold.

"I go in to the courthouse and then my lawyer asks whatever questions she wants, a testimony, and [Barbara's] lawyer does the same thing to me," she explained. "Everything is documented -- our questions and our answers -- and then when we go to court to actually testify on the stand, they can ask us the same question and see if we answer it differently, to see if we lie or whatever," she continued, while adding that she was a bit anxious about what would be asked.

Fast-forward to after the depositions: Jenelle told her lawyer Heather she didn't think the meeting was "too bad," while Heather complimented Jenelle's ability to articulate and felt good that they weren't surprised by anything. But Barbara's team had brought up some serious issues -- specifically, Barbara's concerns about Jenelle's relationship with David, Jenelle's future financial stability and her daughter's troubled past.

"We definitely have an uphill battle with how to explain how far you have come since those times and how you are more stable now," Heather said.

Meanwhile, Barbara spoke with Teen Mom 2 co-executive producer Kristen and revealed she felt "numb" after the "fact-finding" ordeal. Unsurprisingly, Barbara echoed the concerns mentioned above about her daughter's romantic history and money/professional security down the line.

"If it doesn't go her way, she's going to be devastated," Barbara stated. "And if it doesn't go my way, Jace is going to be devastated. It's not about her, it's about Jace," the grandmother added, a statement she has uttered throughout the docu-series.

Now that the deposition chapter of this long process is complete, how will the custody battle proceed? And how will it affect Jenelle and Barbara's relationship down the line? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.