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Did Bella Thorne Pierce Her Nipple?

She got gauges and ‘pulled a Kendall,’ so ...

While visiting a tattoo and piercing parlor on Monday (January 23), Bella Thorne tweeted about "pulling a Kendall" and piercing her nipple. Now seems like the perfect time to remind you that Kendall Jenner's sister, Kylie, also has a nipple piercing, just in case you blanked that from your memory.

But aside from this tweet, there's zero public evidence that Bella did, in fact, go through with this unique piercing. Pics or it didn't happen, right?

It's also worth noting that social media guidelines make it difficult to show off such a piercing in its full, uncensored glory. It's much easier for Bella to display her blinged-out ear below rather than a blinged-out breast.

Bella Thorne/Snapchat

Thorne documented her entire visit via Snapchat at the tattoo/piercing shop, where she added a blue gauge to her extensive collection of earrings. It's the perfect accessory to match the blue ombré hair she's currently rocking.

Bella Thorne/Snapchat

The big question is, did Bella get a quick nip piercing in addition to these gauges? Perhaps all that side boob in her upcoming TV show, Famous in Love, will reveal the answer.