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Bella Thorne Ditches Her Red Hair For Something Much More Dramatic

She’s no longer a redhead

Bella Thorne is trying something different from her trademark fiery red hair. On Wednesday (December 28), she shared a video of herself with her tresses dyed a deep navy ombré — a pitch-black color that bleeds into midnight blue.

The Disney Channel alum revealed her new 'do on Snapchat, where she snapped every step of the dyeing process. This included her jamming out to Lil Aaron and Futuristic while waiting for the dye to set. She shares so much of her life with fans that it's no surprise she documented the whole experience on social media.

Before this, Thorne rocked neon red and yellow hair with her older sister, Dani. Then they both dyed the tips of their hair rainbow two weeks ago. Now Bella's gone blue (da ba dee da ba die).

Bella Thorne/Snapchat

Does this mean Dani will follow her baby sister's footsteps? She hasn't posted any blue hair pics yet, but judging from this Instagram tease, the answer might be yes.

Turns out the Thorne sisters slay the twinning game.