Teen Mom 2 Truth: Jenelle Sets The Record Straight About Her Third Pregnancy

The young mother reveals the timing of events featured during tonight's episode

At any moment, Jenelle will meet her third child (and very first daughter). And during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, it appeared that the young mother was in the early days of expecting as she and beau David held on to her stomach and gushed that they were "happy" during a car ride. However, Jenelle and David denied that she was avec child to co-executive producer Kristen and the rest of the crew in a subsequent scene at the couple's residence. But at the end of the installment, it was revealed that she was 10 weeks pregnant in a car accident report (her mother Barbara reviewed the document with Kristen).

Now, the soon-to-be mama of three wants to set the record straight about what unfolded and the timing of the aforementioned events.

"Before we flew out to the Teen Mom 2 reunion [in April], the car footage was filmed," Jenelle tells MTV News. "Ten minutes before we filmed, my endocrinologist called me and said, 'You're pregnant.' But I didn't tell Kristen or anyone I was pregnant -- I kept it a secret."

But everything changed when she arrived at the Los Angeles-based taping. "I contacted an ob/gyn when I started bleeding, and I said, 'My endocrinologist is telling me I'm pregnant, and now I'm bleeding,'" she explained. "He did an ultrasound [and] urine test, and he told me I was not pregnant."

The clip below, featuring production questioning her about the car footage, was filmed after the West Coast trip.

"When we came back from the reunion, I didn't tell Kristen I was pregnant to begin with and I didn't tell her I had a miscarriage," she continued. "But she came in with balloons and everything and said, 'You're pregnant!' At that time, I was laughing because she made such a big deal of this, and I wanted to tell her what was going on, but I didn't want to tell her on camera. I kept repeating myself during that scene because I was not pregnant, and I could prove it with my doctor's notes."

Now, the timeline with Baby Ensley. "I didn't find out I was pregnant until June, almost two months after the Kristen scene was filmed. Then, the car report came out saying I was pregnant in July. So everyone thought the whole time it was a lie, while I was being honest."

Unfortunately, the leak prevented Jenelle from announcing this milestone the way she had hoped. "I wanted to do a pregnancy reveal, and it pushed my date revealing this further and further away. And it's unfortunate because every situation in my life centers around court, cops and getting in trouble. Even when I find out I'm pregnant again, it has to involve that. So I waited until all of the focus was away from that police report, then I'm going to reveal that I'm pregnant."

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