New Power Rangers Trailer Delivers Zordon, Zords, And Strong-Ass Holograms

Surprise! This actually looks kinda fun.

The first Power Rangers trailer was all teenage angst and no fun. But it looks like Lionsgate and Saban Entertainment were holding all of the mighty morphin' action for trailer No. 2.

The new trailer not only proves that these five "teenagers with attitude" know how to have fun, but it also offers our first proper looks at Bill Hader's alien robot, Alpha 5; Bryan Cranston's Zordon, who's still just a giant talking head (sans glass tube); and the Power Rangers' super-size villain, Goldar. Not to mention, THERE ARE ZORDS, PEOPLE.

Fans who were worried by director Dean Israelite's darker tone in earlier sneak peeks should feel at ease with this action-packed trailer and its corny jokes. In fact, Power Rangers looks like a hell of a lot of fun. (You can't go wrong with SPACE ROBOTS.) The mere fact that the Powers That Be chose Kanye West's "Power" for this trailer means that they're in on the joke and, honestly, I could listen to Blue Ranger Billy say, "That's a strong-ass hologram," all day and still laugh every time.

Although, we're definitely going to need to talk about Pink Ranger Kimberly and Red Ranger Jason making out because that is not OK. Everyone knows Kimberly and Tommy are the only mighty morphin' OTP we need. And if you think Tommy isn't going to show up in Angel Grove any time soon, think again.

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24, 2017.