The First Power Rangers Trailer Is Here And It’s So Angsty

Welcome (back) to Angel Grove, bitch

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie is here, and what it lacks in mighty morphin’ action, it makes up for in teen angst. (And Halsey.)

In this edgy, big-screen take on Saban Entertainment’s classic ’90s series, troubled teenagers Zack, Trini, Jason, Kimberly, and Billy find themselves in the middle of a mystery after they break free from Saturday school detention. Of course, what they uncover are supernatural crystals called Power Coins, which come with a unique set of abilities, like super strength and kung-fu mastery. While the teaser doesn’t show us the Power Rangers in action — except for a slight glimpse of Jason morphing into the Red Ranger at the end — it does establish director Dean Israelite’s darker tone.

Oh, and we get to see Elizabeth Banks in all of her Rita Repulsa glory:

Back in July, Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger) described the film as a “coming-of-age” story for the Power Rangers, but that doesn’t mean the movie doesn’t capture the fun of the original. In fact, among all of the teen angst and alien-fueled drama, it’s still “incredibly entertaining and fun.” (With Banks as Rita Repulsa, how could it not be?)

“There’s a lot that keeps the true essence of the original story, but it’s still relevant to now,” Becky G (Yellow Ranger) said.

So, you take the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, subtract the cheesiness, add some angst, a dash of Halsey, a pinch of Bryan Cranston, and a little romance between Jason and Kimberly (gasp) — and you get Power Rangers. Honestly, we’re so in!

Power Rangers premieres March 24, 2017.