Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Lorde Squeezes In One 'Last Cuddle' Before Finishing Her New Record

Her new godson was born four weeks ago

Lorde's new album is coming soon, but first, cuddles! Her childhood best friend recently welcomed a baby boy to this world, so Lorde has spent the past month in New Zealand snuggling up with her new godson.

Meet the precious Oscar Robin, everyone. This makes Lorde a newly minted member of the unofficial Celebrity Godmothers Club, which includes the likes of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

"Four weeks ago I was lucky enough to witness the delivery of my beautiful best friend's baby boy," Lorde captioned the above pic. "We've been friends for 10 years — I can't really describe to you how emotional and life-changing it was to be part of this with her. Had my last cuddle yesterday and now I'm back to work in the States finishing this record."

Yes, that's right. As of right now, she's FINISHING her record instead of merely working on it. Looks like the long-awaited follow-up to Pure Heroine will be here sooner than you think. Perhaps little Oscar Robin will get his own shout-out.