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Lady Gaga Is A Very Popular Godmother

Meet her newest godchild

Lady Gaga is officially the godmother to not one, not two, but THREE beautiful kids. The first two are Elton John's sons Elijah and Zachary; the last and most recent, the daughter of friends Brian Newman and Angie Pontani, is a "little angel" named Sistilia.

"[We've been] friends since we were kids on the Lower East Side," Gaga wrote on Instagram Monday. "It was a beautiful baptism and Italian-style feast."

She followed up with a blurry but adorable clip of her dancing with her first goddaughter.

Sistilia's father also shared a close-up of her jamming along to some music. Could she be another Gaga in the making?

With Gaga as her godmother, this lucky baby girl will surely have enough tunes to last her a lifetime.