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Kim Kardashian's Epic Desert Ride Is A High-Fashion Mirage

Because stilettos and dune buggies are clearly meant for each other

In the first weeks of 2017, Kim Kardashian not only returned to social media, but began posting scores of photos of her little ones, Kanye West, and a shot or two revealing some new Adidas threads. Now, she's throwing a night ride through the desert into the mix.

Kardashian flew to Dubai to participate in makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's master class, along with her (basically) brother-in-law, Scott Disick. She scheduled some time to get out of the city and enjoy the great outdoors with some of her friends, and from the looks of her epic snaps, Kardashian and Krew ventured off on one of the most stylish journeys the Arabian Desert has seen in recent memory.

You'd think stilettos wouldn't make for super convenient footwear given, uh, sand, but Kardashian opted to lace up some sky-high boots, the gigantic, face-shielding shades she's been partial to lately, and some new Adidas (some new Yeezy looks, maybe?) gear before hitting the dunes with her entourage.

Note to self/everyone: The next time you find yourself racing through desert sands and looking up at the stars, make sure you're outfitted in athleisure and leave the sneakers at home.