Teen Mom 2 Verdict: Jenelle's Legal Case With Nathan's Girlfriend Is Finally Settled

During tonight's premiere episode, a court decided the young mother's fate

For nearly a year, Jenelle faced an uncertain future because of an assault and battery charge in the third degree, which stemmed from an alleged altercation (it was not televised) with Nathan's girlfriend Jessica. Jessi refused to drop the charge and the case went to trial -- and during tonight's Teen Mom 2 premiere, Jace and Kaiser's mother faced off against Jessi and her ex in court.

"I'm really nervous because if I'm found guilty it could affect my career, and it could affect my life in general because I would go to jail for thirty days," the South Carolina resident told a friend pre-showdown.

With David supporting her in the courtroom, Jenelle testified (relive it below) that Jessi came out of a car toward her and she perceived it as a "threat."

"My son was upstairs sleeping. I went to go throw water in her face -- I did not mean for the cup to hit her at all," she calmly stated, while demonstrating how the cup slipped out of her hand and unintentionally struck Jessi in the head.

From there, Jenelle explained that she left the outside scene, but Jessi threw the glass back at her (it didn't come into contact with Jenelle). Choking up, Jenelle recalled how Nathan yelled at her that she would "not have her child back" and that she would "never see [Kaiser] again."

The verdict: Jenelle was found not guilty and was visibly relieved and tearful as she hugged her lawyer Amy. While Jenelle can now close the chapter on this stressful situation with Jessi, her custody battle with Nathan still looms. Will they be able to resolve this aforementioned agreement regarding Kaiser in mediation -- or will they need to go back to court? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.

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