Sweet/Vicious Alliance: Can Kennedy Help Jules Fight The System -- And Bring Nate To Justice?

At last, the Zeta president has realized that her boyfriend really did rape her BFF

After refusing to believe that her boyfriend Nate raped Jules, Kennedy finally accepted the horrifying truth on tonight's Sweet/Vicious -- and she did it with the help of two people: Ophelia and, unwittingly, Nate himself.

The green-haired vigilante was the first to assist in Kennedy's eye-opening: After having her own melee with Jules, she went to the Zeta president's house to report her missing. In the process, she blamed Kennedy for Jules' disappearing act.

"She told you the truth and you looked the other way," Ophelia said. "I know that you know what happened between Nate and Jules. You saw the change in her after that night. Somewhere down there, beneath the “Yasssss, girls!” and the “Zeta realness!”, you know the truth, and it terrifies you. But it’s high time that you grow some balls and do the right thing."

All together now: "Yasssss, girl!"

Later, when the now-reconciled Kennedy and Nate were getting romantic back in Kennedy's room, the frat boy used the opportunity to cast further doubt on Jules.

"I'm glad you realized I was telling the truth -- you know I'd never lie to you," he told his partner as the two kissed.

But since the subject was a sore one (and, heeeello, a total mood-killer), Kennedy turned away in discomfort. That, however, didn't dissuade Nate: He continued kissing her, even getting on top of his unresponsive girlfriend as she lay on the bed.

"Nate, stop," Kennedy said. "Not now."

His advances continued; as a result, Kennedy had to stay "stop" three times before she finally began to shriek and forcibly push him off of her.

In a fit of rage, Nate jumped up, grabbed a figurine and threw it against the wall. He quickly apologized, but the damage was done: He'd revealed himself as a man with a violent side. He'd revealed himself as a man who didn't understand the word "stop." And, ultimately, he'd revealed himself as the man who did indeed rape Jules.

Without wasting a moment, Kennedy went to find her sorority sister and apologized. Then, after dealing with her past transgressions, she made plans for the future. "You have to report this," Kennedy declared.

But alas, Jules revealed that she'd already tried to turn in the star football player -- and the school had ignored her. "They don't want to help me," she said. "He's 'Mr. Darlington.'"

Undeterred, Kennedy shook her head. "No -- absolutely not. You deserve to be heard, and you will be heard. You're a person. You're my person. And you're going to fight this...and I'm going to be there with you every step of the way."

But can the girls bring Nate to justice? Will the school really take action against its most valuable athlete? Or will he get away with his crime scot-free, proving to Jules that Darlington indeed needs an avenger? Tell us your thoughts, then get ready for the two-hour Sweet/Vicious finale on Tuesday at 10/9c.