The Long-Awaited Sweet/Vicious Revelation: Jules Finally Told Kennedy That Nate Raped Her

But when the blond vigilante revealed the truth about her BFF's boyfriend, she was only met with heartbreaking doubt

They say the truth will set you free -- but sometimes, that freedom doesn't come in the way you'd expected.

After keeping her heartbreaking secret from Kennedy for months -- the one that has affected her every waking moment and even influenced her decision to don a mask and fight campus wrongdoers -- Jules finally told her BFF the devastating truth on tonight's Sweet/Vicious: that Kennedy's own boyfriend raped her. But the Zeta president's reaction wasn't the one Jules had hoped for -- thanks to some deceitful interception by Nate, Kennedy actually doubted her beloved sorority sister and suggested she leave their once-happy house.

The long-awaited revelation was set into motion by two occurrences: First, the criminally aggressive football star actually had the gall to attempt a hookup with Jules during a mandatory campus lockdown -- one imposed after Ophelia's botched mission caused police to fear a madman was on the loose. Second, try as she might, Jules was unable to further her romance with Tyler because of incessant flashbacks to the night Nate had assaulted her. With her anger reaching a boiling point -- and a desperate need to finally be heard -- she confronted the man who haunted her past, ruined her present and threatened her future.

"Let me get one thing straight," Jules said, shoving Nate against the wall and covering his mouth. "I told you to stop, and I told you no. And you did this -- you put your hand over my mouth and you raped me."

The verbal onslaught -- at last, her lone act of retribution -- continued. "What you took from me wasn’t yours to take," she said. "All I feel is just this sick emptiness, and I’ve tried everything I can to get rid of it ... You don’t carry this like I do, and I hate you for that. And I envy you for that. And I just thought you should finally know."

And, ultimately, she thought Kennedy should finally know as well. Returning to the Zeta house, Jules knocked on the door of her Darlington peer and announced she had a revelation to make. But alas, she was too late.

"Don’t bother -- Nate just left," Kennedy said, revealing that, in a sly act of damage control, her boyfriend had "confessed" to having sex with Jules -- but left out the other details. "I thought you were my best friend. How could you do that to me?"

Reeling in disbelief, Jules attempted to set the record straight.

"You don’t understand," she stammered. "I didn’t want to. Nate raped me. I wanted to tell you a long time ago ... but I knew that nothing would ever be the same again."

Her moment of truth, however, was met with doubt.

"All I tried to do is talk to you," Kennedy said. "[But] at every single turn, you lied. You lie about where you are, you lie about what you’re doing. So why should I believe you now?"

Even worse, Kennedy then questioned the duo's bond when Jules referred to her as her "best friend."

"I don’t know if I am anymore," Kennedy said. "You’ve actually been a stranger to me for a long time. And now either Nate is lying or you’re lying, but either way, you're right: Nothing will ever be the same again."

But is Jules right? Has the sorority sisters' loving relationship been changed into one of distrust, and is their once-strong bond irreparably broken? Or will Kennedy one day accept the truth: that her very own boyfriend indeed raped Jules, then lied to her about the assault? Tell us if you think the facts will eventually come to light -- and if Nate will ever get his comeuppance -- then be sure to watch another Sweet/Vicious on Tuesday at 10/9c.